Carbon Seals

Carbon Seals

Carbon sealing rings are used as the wear face of most mechanical seals for the sealing of fluids in all industries.

Applications Are :
1) Process pumps.
2) Rotary steam joints.
3) Seals for agitators and autoclaves.
4) Chemical pumps.
5) Cold and warm water pumps. 6) Corrosive liquid pumps.

Carbon is well suited to be used as a sealing ring due to having the following properties

» Very good chemical resistance.
» Good thermal conductivity.
» High wear resistance
» Good corrosion resistance.
» Dry running properties.
» Good frictional properties.
» Outstanding resistance thermal shock.
» Low thermal expansion.

Due to the need for sealing rings to be impervious the carbon material is impregnated with either resin or various metals. Seal faces can be supplied unlapped or if required lapped to three helium light bands of flatness. Carbon seal faces are compatible with a wide range of metallic and ceramic counterfaces including silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. Carbon-Graphite and Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Components are available in a wide variety of grades and can be Molded-to-Size or readily machined into many complex configurations.

Seal Rings For Mechanical Seals

Our mechanical carbon-graphite materials are widely used for rotating shaft and face seals. They perform well when running against metal, ceramic, or even carbon-graphite counterfaces. Seals are manufactured in solid rings, split rings, and segmented rings for use in both liquid and dry-running applications. Seal materials require high strength and a relatively high modulus of elasticity to withstand deformation at the interface. Our seal materials provide the strength and rigidity especially important in high pressure, zero leakage mechanical end-face seals. High thermal conductivity is essential when removing heat from the interface.

Carbon-graphite is inert to most chemical reagents where other engineered materials fail. Seal wear is a result of adhesive wear, chemical wear, erosive wear, and sometimes radio active wear. Our grades show superior adhesive wear resistance; however, chemical wear is evidenced in certain strong oxidizing environments or where the additives are attacked by specific oxidizing reagents.

Carbon and Graphite Gland Seal Rings

Seal rings are resistant to abrasion, to high temperatures, and to attack by corrosive chemicals. Because of the inertness of the materials, these seal rings find application in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries, and in liquid, gas and vacuum environments.

Out carbon-graphite seal materials are self-lubricating, chemically inert, temperature resistant, lightweight, resilient, dimensionally stable, and impermeable to gases and liquids. They can be molded-to-size or machined to close tolerances; impregnated; plated; vulcanized to rubber; and cemented or shrunk into housings or retainers. Scores of base materials are available, with hundreds of modifications that can be customized for specific designs and environments.


1) Carbon and Graphite materials are used in mechanical seals in cases where gases or liquids with low hydrodynamic lubricating action have to be sealed.
2) Can be supplied with a variety of surface finish. If the application permits, bearing in mind economy and manufacturing costs, storage and packaging, the following maximum surface finish criteria should be considered.

Some other fields of Application

» Fuel pumps
» Chemical pumps
» Process pumps in refineries
» Seals for agitators and autoclaves
» Cold and hot water pumps
» Pumps for house-hold and garden appliances
»Automobile cooling water pumps
»Heat-removal loop pumps in nuclear power stations
»Pumps for the beverage industry.

Carbon and Graphite Gland Seal Rings

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