Carbon Raschig Rings

Carbon Raschig Rings Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

Raschig Rings Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

Carbon Raschig Rings

RASCHIG RINGS have assumed an important functional role in the working of absorption towers, distribution columns, scrubbers etc. in Chemical Plants and Refineries. With the growth of chemical industries, the need for versatile Raschig Rings has also grown proportionately.

Carbon Raschig Rings (Tower Packings) exhibit such remarkable versatility that these find increasing usage in refineries & chemicals plants. Carbon Raschig Rings are characterized by unique properties as follows:-

1) Because of their high thermal conductivity they are resistant to severe thermal shocks.
2) Low thermal expansion.
3) They are resistant to practically all corrosive chemicals over a wide range of temperatures - these include almost all acids, alkalis, alcohols, organic solvents and inorganic compounds and salts.
4) If required these can also withstand higher process temperatures.
5) Because of their excellent wettability by all liquids (water, inorganic salt solutions, organic solvents), they exhibit maximum efficiency during operation.

AMARDEEP STEEL CENTRE manufacture Carbon Raschig Rings in the following sizes and physical data.


Size / Number 1 2 3 4 5
OD – mm (Tolerance +/- 2 to 3mm) 19 25 40 50 80
ID - mm (Tolerance +/- 2 to 3mm) 12 16 28 38 60
Length - mm (Tolerance +/- 2 to 3mm) 19 25 40 50 80
Approx, No. of Rings per cu. m of Tower 1,10,874 46,786 13,842 5,862 1,731
Sq. m of absorption surface for 1000 Nos. 2.2 4.0 8.9 15.9 35.8
Sq. m of absorption surface per cu. m of 250 190 125 95 62
Tower space          
Kgs. of Rings per cu. m of Tower space (approx.) 575 560 565 385 325
Per cent free gas space 67 74 67 74 78

( Note: The above physical data is drawn from standard literature and is meant for guidance only ).

The type of Tower packings (Raschig Rings) is chosen mainly depending on chemical conditions involved as well as for reasons of mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion and a balance of cost, capacity and efficiency. There are few applications where the low cost of carbon rings does not play an important part in its selection. Impervious carbon rings are superior in oxidizing conditions.

AMARDEEP STEEL CENTRE can also supply Carbon Raschig Rings to suit any specific requirements such as size and chemical resistance.

Applications Of Raschig Rings

We are supplying our carbon raschig rings for the below given applications :

1) In a LPG Merox Oxidiser. This oxidiser was used for the caustic regeneration purpose.
2) In a Gasoline merox unit - in an oxidiser tower, disulfide separator & vent tank
3) In a Rich amine flash drum (stack) - in an oxidiser tower, caustic/dso gravity separator & vent tank
4) In a caustic merox process unit - in an pressure vessel oxidiser, pressure vessel disulfide separator & pressure vessel vent tank.
5) In a HFA Alkalation unit (HF acid service)
6) In Penex unit (caustic/HCL service)
7) In net gas scrubbers
8) In vent gas towers
9) In Caustic scrubbers – Merox units , in Isomerisation units for MSP ( EURO -III) for Refineries.
10) In Ethyl alcohol ( Sulphuric alkylation) stripping towers.
11) In HCL stripping towers – HCl tailend absorbers
12) In 70% sulphuric acid + 15% HF pre-scrubbing towers.
13) In Carbon dioxide absorption towers with M. E. A.
14) In High temp. weak sulphuric + HCl wash towers.
15) In Weak Acid Cooling Towers

AMARDEEP STEEL CENTRE regularly exports RASHIG RINGS to various countries like Kuwait, UAE, UK, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Peru, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Madagar AMARDEEP STEEL CENTRE, Srilanka.

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