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corten steel signage

We at Amardeep Steel Centre fabricate & design of all kinds of signages by combining materials according to the needs of clients. We have several years of experience & expertise of making signs from highly fashionable corten steel material. Pieces are built to a high specification using a variety of techniques, both traditional and modern, and including the most recent plasma-cutting advances. Buy Custom made Corten Steel Signages, Sculptures, Signs, Corten Steel for Landscaping, Corten Steel Fire Pit & Outdoor Fires.

Why Corten Steel Signages?

Corten Steel also known as ‘Weathering steel’ or Cor-Ten steel, and often referred to as ‘Corten’ or simply called ‘rusty steel’. Cor-Ten is a brand name for steel alloys which were developed to be weather-proof even without paint. Corten or weathering steel, organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina, which not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish. Corten Steel is a unique product, once manufactured the steel will continue to age, progressing through varying stages of rust until eventually turning to a deep bronze finish. The process can be halted at any stage by applying a seal once the Corten reaches the desired colouring. The steel is artificially "aged" after cutting and shaping and produces a beautiful and artistic finish.

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