Corten Steel Planter

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corten steel planter

Amardeep Steel Centre fabricates Corten Steel Planters for all world wide customers. These OutDoor Planters made from Corten Steel naturally develop a protective layer of rust for long lasting protection against the outdoor elements. The edges of this corten planter are rolled and there are slots cut into the sides, preventing bamboo rhizomes from escaping but still allowing adequate drainage. The planter fits superbly into spaces decorated in the Scandinavian, rustic, loft, industrial, as well as plenty more types of modern styles. Its unique appearance will also attract a lot of attention in urban spaces; cafes, parks and promenades.

Why Corten Steel Planters?

Corten Steel also known as ‘Weathering steel’ or Cor-Ten steel, and often referred to as ‘Corten’ or simply called ‘rusty steel’. Cor-Ten is a brand name for steel alloys which were developed to be weather-proof even without paint. Corten or weathering steel, organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina, which not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish. Corten Steel is a unique product, once manufactured the steel will continue to age, progressing through varying stages of rust until eventually turning to a deep bronze finish. The process can be halted at any stage by applying a seal once the Corten reaches the desired colouring. The steel is artificially "aged" after cutting and shaping and produces a beautiful and artistic finish.

Features of corten steel planter:
•   No assembly required. Ships fully welded
•   Handmade from COR-TEN steel
•   Virtually weather-proof and nearly indestructable
•   Drainage slots instead of conventional drain holes prevent escaping roots
•   Suitable for outdoor use
•   Suitable for many different plants and decor
•   Large planters are extra deep for larger plants
•   Durable, long-lasting, and beautiful

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