ASTM A192 Carbon Steel Tubes & ASME SA192 SMLS Tubes

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ASTM A192 Carbon Steel Tubes

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of high quality ASTM A192/ ASME SA192 Carbon Steel Pipe & ASTM A192 Boiler Tube in India. Our ASTM A192 SMLS Carbon Steel Tubes undergoes hardness test, flattening test, flaring test, flange test, and hydrostatic test Before They Are Stocked & Supplied To Our Clients. A192 Boiler Tube Are Thermal Resistant & Corrosion Resistant In Nature Making Theme Resistant To Tough Weather Conditions. These ASTM A192 Carbon Steel Tube/Pipe are used in Superheater, Reheaters, Economizers, heat exchangers, condensers, heat transfer equipment, similar pipes and for high-pressure settings, Major Industries Like Marine Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Food Processing Industry, Oil & Gas Industry Etc. These ASTM A192 Boiler Tubes are available in different size, specification & thickness as per the clients requirements. We Supply ASME SA192 Grade A, Grade C & Grade D Tubes.

ASTM 192 Seamless Carbon Steel Tube Specification
Standard : SA192 & A192 Tubes
Size : straight lengths up to 27.00 Meters with Outside Diameter ranging from 6.00mm to 8O.00mm and thickness ranging from 0.85mm to 6mm
Length : Double Random & Required Length, Single Random, & Custom Size Available
Pipes & Tubes End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded Protected With Plastic Caps
Shape : Round Pipes & Tubes, Coiled Tubes, “U” Shape Pipes & Tubes
Type : Seamless Sa192 & A192 Pipes & Tubes

Chemical Composition Of ASTM A192 / ASME SA192 Tubes :

Element Carbon Manganese Phosphorus Sulfur
Grade 0.06-0.18 0.27-0.63 0.035 0.04

Mechanical Properties Of ASTM A192 Tubes :

Tensile Strength, MPa Yield Strength, MPa Elongation, %
≥325 ≥180 ≥35

Types Of ASTM A192 Carbon Steel Pipes & Tubes :
•   ASME SA 179 Tubes
•   ASTM A 192 Tubes
•   ASME SA192 Cold Drawn Tubes
•   Cold Drawn ASTM A192 Tubes
•   ASME SA192 & A192 Welded Tubes Exporter
•   A-179 & SA179 Welded Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes
•   IBR Approved Manufacturer Of Heat Exchanger A192 & SA192 Tubes
•   Carbon Steel A192 & SA192 Boiler Tubes Supplier
•   ASTM A192 & ASME SA192 LSAW ERW Supplier
•   ASTM A192 & ASME SA192 Boiler Tube Exporter
•   A192 & SA192 Grade A Boiler Tubing
•   A192 & SA192 Grade A Heat Exchanger Tubes

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