Shell & Tube Of Heat Exchangers

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

AMARDEEP STEEL CENTRE specializes in Shell & Tube heat exchangers both on site and at works. Shell & Tube heat exchangers are the most common design for many applications. Amardeep Steel Centre provide a wide variety of applications based on the most suitable design and materials to ensure a cost efficient and reliable solution. The full range provides standardized product lines for an optimal price/quality ratio as well as customized designs for the most demanding duties in oil & gas, power generation, marine, refrigeration and many other industries. There are two main categories of Shell and Tube exchanger:

1. those that are used in the petrochemical industry which tend to be covered by standards from TEMA, Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association

2. those that are used in the power industry such as feedwater heaters and power plant condensers.

The shell and tube exchanger consists of four major parts:

1. Front Header—this is where the fluid enters the tube side of the exchanger. It is sometimes referred to as the Stationary Header.

2. Rear Header—this is where the tube side fluid leaves the exchanger or where it is returned to the front header in exchangers with multiple tubeside passes.

3. Tube bundle—this comprises of the tubes, tube sheets, baffles and tie rods etc. to hold the bundle together.

4. Shell—this contains the tube bundle.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Table 1. Shell and tube geometric terminology:

•    Stationary (Front) Head—Channel
•   Slip-on Backing Flange
•   Stationary (Front) Head—Bonnet
•   Floating Tubesheet Skirt
•   Stationary (Front) Head Flange
•   Floating Tubesheet Skirt
•   Channel Cover
•   Packing Box Flange
•   Stationary Head Nozzle
•   Packing
•   Stationary Tubesheet
•   Packing Follower Ring
•   Tubes
•   Lantern Ring
•   Shell
•   Tie Rods and Spacers
•   Shell Cover
•   Transverse Baffles or Support Plates
•   Shell Flange—Stationary Head End
•    Impingement Baffle or Plate
•   Shell Flange—Rear Head End
•   Longitudinal Baffle
•   Shell Nozzle
•   Shell Cover Flange
•   Vent Connection
•   Expansion Joint
•   Drain Connection
•   Instrument Connection
•   Floating Head Cover
•   Support Saddle
•   Floating Head Flange
•   Floating Head Backing Device
•   Support Bracket
•   Split Shear Ring
•   Tie Rods and Spacers

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