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by Vidhi

Posted on February 12, 2022 at 12:05 PM


Corten has been around for a long time and has shown itself to be useful. What makes it so unique and perfect for your next architectural project?

Corten steel is a mixture of iron, copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, and chromium-based metal alloys, and it can be used to make things like bridges and cars. Corten steel has a unique ability to change over time. Within 18 to 36 months, the steel will have a unique and an old-fashioned look. The patina color will get darker as time passes by, but its structural integrity will stay the same. Some variation in the color is to be expected, but this adds to its uniqueness and makes it more interesting.

Corten steel is more durable than steel because it is resistant to sun, snow, and ice.

A unique thing about this steel is that the surface rust makes it possible to make unique designs because the joints that are joined together will be welded together. Corten Steel is popular with sculptors because it can be used to make unique new shapes. It is known for having a rusty, orange-brown look. Recently, corten steel has become more common in gardens. It is usually used to build things like bridges and walls.

Why Is CORTEN Steel Better For Building?:

The start-up cost: Corten steel doesn't need any protective coatings or paints, and the cost of the steel is also 5% less than normal painted steel, which means that it can cut start-up costs.

Corten steel is a good choice for bridges and other structures because it doesn't need a lot of work. It doesn't even need to be looked at very often or cleaned very often to be the best choice for building. It doesn't need a lot of maintenance, which means that it often cuts down on the cost of maintenance operations.

Corten steel is very popular because it looks like it has been around for a long time. It can be used in any environment for the same reason. Even at the highest temperature, it can stand up to it.

In the case of your next roofing or cladding project, consider using Corten. When you combine the best of the old with the best of the new, you can make something truly unique. It's called Corten, and it's made of weather-resistant steel that looks back at the strength of the past.

Where can we use Corten Steel?

It looks great on everything from vineyards to office buildings, and from sheds to mansions or vacation homes.

Corten Steel can be used for a wide range of roofing and cladding applications, such as:

  • Roofing
  • Cladding for the walls
  • A structural beam or support is a part of the building.

The color, texture, and weather resistance of Corten cladding and roofing products make them ideal for any project that needs to make an eye-catching statement. It is ideal for

  • Industrial roofing and cladding for warehouses
  • Architectural Panels for businesses
  • Sheds and stores in the country
  • For architecturally designed homes, wall cladding or roofing can be used.

Corten Steel Cladding and roofing come in a variety of styles, including:

Interlocking panels are strong architectural lines and weather-resistant design for buildings that deserve to be seen.

Standing Seam is one of the most popular profiles out there. It has an eye-catching profile, an advanced seam sealing design, and covers a wide area.

Traditional Corrugated has a lot of charm because of the rich earth-toned patina that makes it look even better.

Snaplock has a strong lineal rib pattern with quick installation and weather-tight seams.

Top reasons why Corten Steel is becoming more popular for use in architecture:

Architecture likes to work with Corten Steel, whether it's for the Steel Panel, the Steel Roofing, or the Steel Tube. The reason is because it has one of the unique Design properties. In contrast to other steel, Weathering Steel has a surface that isn't shiny, which makes it less reflective.

Environmentally friendly steel: Corten Steel is strong, durable, easy and 100% recyclable. Unlike other types of steel, they don't need to be protected from the elements. Indeed, in some cases, they are used instead of impregnated wood.

High-quality structural steel: Corten Steel, also known as Weathering Steels are ideal for strong and light structures that last a long time. Their yielding strength is between 500 and 960 Mpa. They can bend up to 580 Mpa and stretch up to 1000 Mpa.

Corten Steels almost never need to be repaired. People usually don't paint Weathering Steel or Corten Steel when they use it for buildings and art. When the surface is painted, it will stay as smooth as steel that hasn't been painted. On the off chance that the surface is scratched by someone else, the healing properties of the paint will keep the damage from spreading under the paint. keep.

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