Why COR-TEN steel preferred for The Best Buildings?

by Dinesh

Posted on Agust 12, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Corten Steel

Corten is the popular trade name for steel alloy materials, of course, it is considered as a weathering steel. It is a most popular choice for buildings because it has great strength and longer life. Most importantly, it has atmospheric corrosion resistance as well as it can be used for different complicated structural or architectural applications. Apart from that, corten steel has unique characteristics like high temp, these factors make it a good choice of material for chimneys, many flues etc.

Why COR-TEN Steel Preferred For Construction?

Start up cost: Cor-ten steel completely eliminates the need of using any protective coating or paints as well as the cost of The Steel is also five per cent lower than any conventional painted steel so it can reduce start up cost.

Low maintenance: Instead of any other steel choices most people love to choose Corten steel because it is ideal for bridges as well as other structures. Even this steel only needs less inspection as well as cleaning so it can be the best choice for buildings. Especially, it needs nominal maintenance so it frequently reduces the cost of maintenance operations.

Curbside appeal: Cor-ten steel highly preferred due to its attractive appearance of mature so it can be perfect for any environment. Even it withstands the highest temperature.

Mona Museum:

It is the Old museum and the New Art stands on a sandstone hill, this museum also creating a visual as well as the physical extent of the surface. The construction work completed with corten steel. Concrete spine walls, as well as canted Corten plates, gives great look as well as that also come with few openings also penetrating this daunting artificial cliff.

Mona Museum

Beach House at St. Andrews:

In general, the house also opens up at each end, as well as this also allowing for protected verandah spaces. Most importantly, the large-section Corten steel profile acts as barrier table or seat.

Beach House at St. Andrews

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art:

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the most popular as well as leading contemporary art gallery in Melbourne and it features unique architectural design. Obviously, it is also unique in that the interiors. Of course, this building designed by Melbourne based architects and Corten steel building is in the heart of Melbourne’s arts. Now it becomes one of the best Melbourne’s architectural icons.

Planar House: this house located in Paradise Valley, Arizona and the perforated sheets are made by using Cor-Ten steel, most importantly, the architect played with light and shapes so this house is amazing.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Broadcasting Tower:

The buildings are highly popular for its innovative design and elevation as well as it is also conceived as solid landscape. In general, the key success of the scheme is the innovative approach. Most importantly, this building also features cornet steel that provides great durability and flexibility and this also result is a varied appearance.

These are some of the popular building using Corten steel; these are really features amazing architecture and designs.

Broadcasting Tower

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