BS 6323 Carbon Steel Erw Air Pre Heater Tubes

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BS 6323 Carbon Steel

BS 6323 Grade CFS 4 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are also known as mild steel pipes and tubes. BS 6323 Grade CFS 4 Tubes are low-cost Low Carbon Steel Tubes having a maximum carbon content of 025% and a manganese concentration of 120% that are easy to form and shape. These pipes are made to BS specifications and are commercially known as cs pipes or ms pipes. Low carbon steel pipes are not as hard as high carbon steel pipes, though carburizing can boost their surface hardness.

The most significant advantage of cold forming is that the products have tight tolerance and tight section characteristics. As a result, the Cold Drawn Seamless Tube requires less machining and has better straightness. As a result, the product is more formable.

However, the most important and apparent change in the CEW Oil Draw Tubes is in the surface polish. The mechanical qualities of the Cold Drawn Seamless Tube have also improved. This method also yields goods with improved yield and tensile strength. Cold-formed steel has a higher mechanical strength, which makes Steel Tubes for Automotive Purpose ideally suited for use. It addresses the needs for both cew and erw tubes in automotive applications such as scooters and motorcycles. Not to mention the cost-effectiveness of using these tubes, which is ultimately the conclusion of the aforementioned factors. As a result, one of the primary benefits of employing them is the low cost.

BS 6323 Grade CFS 4 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are certified with Mill test Certificate in accordance with En 10204 Type 3.1/3.2. Where 3.2 indicates In-stage inspection by independent inspection agencies like TUV, DNV, BVQS, LLOYDS &

IBR, NACE MR 0175,NACE MR 0103, HIC, IGC, IMPACT are adhered as supplementary testing requirements for BS 6323 Grade CFS 4 which can be fulfilled with a government approved NABL laboratory. BS 6323 Grade CFS 4 Tubes are supplied in varnished condition in order to prevent formation of rust.

BS 6323 Carbon Steel Erw Air Pre Heater Tubes Specification

Product, Product application Precision seamless steel tubes for standard use
Standard BS
Dimensional standard 6323-4, Specification for seamless and welded steel tubes for automobile, mechanical and general engineering purposes
TDC 6323-1,4 , Specification for seamless and welded steel tubes for automobile, mechanical and general engineering purposes.
Steel grade CFS 4 Surface coating Galvanized zinc coated , Galvanized zinc coated plus polyester coating , Galvanized zinc coated plus PVC coating , Phosphated
Dimensions 4.0 x 0.5 - 120.0 x 13.0 mm

BS 6323 Carbon Steel Equivalent Grade

DIN 23912 grade - - - - - - EN 1.0408 Grade
St 45
BS 6323 Erw Air Pre Heater Tubes Chemical Composition
Chemical Properties
Carbon Silicon Manganese Phosphorous Sulphur Molybdenum Nickel Chromium Copper Others
0.30-0.40 max 0.35 0.50-0.90 0.05 0.05
BS 6323 Erw Air Pre Heater Tubes Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation A5 min
MPa min ksi min MPa min MPa min ksi min Percentage
460 21
BS 6323 Carbon Steel Erw Air Pre Heater Tubes Materials
Carbon Steel Low Temperature Carbon Steel Low Temperature Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel High Temperature Carbon Steel High Temperature Alloy Steel
BS 6323 Carbon Steel Applications

•   Automobile Sectors
•   Interior & Exterior architectural structures
•   Water pipe lines
•   Gas lines
•   Oil & Gas Industries etc.

Dimensional Tolerances
Outer diameter and wall Thickness
Execution Size Range OD Tolerance Wall tolerance
Hot-rolled Tube OD – 80 mmOD > 80 mmWall < 12 mmWall - 12 mm ± 0.4 mm± 0.5 % of OD ± 0.7 mm± (5 % x wallthickness + 0.1 mm
Hot-rolled peeled tube All sizesWall < 12 mmWall - 12 mm + 0.25/- 0 mm ± 0.8 mm± (5 % x wall thickness+ 0.2 mm)
Cold Worked tubecold-rolled or cold-drawn OD < 40 mmOD 40 - 80 mmOD > 80 Wall Thickness< 6 mm Wall Thickness6 - 8 mm Wall Thickness > 8 + 0.30/- 0 mm*+ 0.35/- 0 mm*+ 0.40/- 0 mm* ± 0.30 mm± 0.35 mm± 0.40 mm

The maximum deviation from the straight line is 1 mm on a gauge length of 1000 mm.

The maximum out-of-roundness is 65% of the total outer diameter tolerance.

Standard length tolerances
Component length (mm) OD 30-100 mm OD 100-254 mm
10-100 + 1.0/- 0 + 2.0/- 0
100-600 + 2.0/- 0 + 3.0/- 0
600-1200 + 3.0/- 0 + 4.0/- 0
1200-5000 + 5.0/- 0 + 6.0/- 0
Delivery Executions and Protection
Tube Ends Protection
All tubes are supplied with clean, square cut ends.
Deburring and/or chamfering can be carried out on request.
• Black and Bare
• External Varnished with Black or Clear LAcquer
Tube surface Mill test certificate
Tubes are supplied normally without anti-corrosive treatment, but
anti-corrosive treatment is available and is carried out on request.
• MTC is issued in accordance with EN 10204.
Packaging Marking Labelling
Tubes are bundled as standard, with steel straps into hexagonal bundles with one end flush. Length sorting can be carried out on request. Tubes can also be bundled in multiples. Bundle weights are adjusted as requested by the customer. Each bundle contains tubes from a single cast/heat only. Each tube is marked with tube type, heat number, steel grade and size. Information is repeated along the whole length of the tube. Other markings, such as stamping, can be made on request. Bundles are also labeled with a tag having info both alphanumeric and by bar code. Material delivered direct from our mill is labeled in accordance with automotive standard, ie with both alphanumeric and bar code information. Customer specific data can be added on request.
Types of BS6323 Grade CFS 6
Pipes Tubes Hollow Sections
Seamless Pipes Seamless Tubes Pipes
•  Cold Drawn Seamless Pipes •  Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes •  Boom Pipe
•  Square Pipes
•  Hot Drawn Seamless Pipes •  Hot Drawn Seamless Tubes •  Culvert Pipes
•  Round Pipes
•  Honed Pipes
Welded Pipes Welded Tubes Tubes
•  Electric Resistance Welded(ERW) Pipes •  Electric Resistance Welded(ERW) Tubes
•  Continous Welded(CW) Pipes •  Continous Welded(CW) Tubes
•  Submerged Arc Welded(SAW) Pipes •  Submerged Arc Welded(SAW) Tubes •  Boom Tubes
•  Spiral Welded Pipes •  Spiral Welded Tubes •  Square Tubes
•  High Frequency Induction(HFI) •  High Frequency Induction(HFI) •  Round Tubes
•  Longitudinally Submerged Arc
    Welded(LSAW) Pipes
•  Longitudinally Submerged Arc
    Welded(LSAW) Tubes
•  Honed Tubes
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