Why Is Titanium Alloy Used To Build Expensive Sports Cars?

by Aishwarya Chaudhari

Posted on May 20, 2020 at 5:05 PM

Titanium has the ultimate benefits of the high specific strength, lower density as well as higher corrosion resistance. Therefore, the Titanium is mostly used in the automobiles for reducing the quality of the body and improves the complete fuel consumption. Titanium is quite Expensive so that these could be only be used in sports cars and luxury cars. Research and Development in the low-cost titanium alloy could be made to meet the need of the modern market with the economy. Titanium could extensively be useful in automobiles for

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improves working efficiency of the engine
  • Improves environment
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces the quality of body
    • Titanium in the Automotive applications has a higher strength with the lower modules and lower density. It acts as an excellent resistance for oxidation and corrosion. Titanium could be used on the prime components in the internal combustion engine such as valves, retainers, valve springs as well as connecting rods. Springing in the body of the vehicle mainly remains as one of the efficient application and also exhaust that is capable of extensive surviving about the 100,000-mile warranty, high strength, and wheels along with the corrosion resistance.

      Titanium Benefits For Automotive:

      Titanium is considered as an ultimate metal that could give higher performance benefit and establishes more applications. For the luxury and sports model automotive producers, performance and style are considered as the most important factor. greater safety, maximum fuel economy, minimum noise as well as the reduction of harmful emissions are also considered as the most important aspects. With the growing customer demand, there is also a need for providing the models with higher performance as well as fuel efficiency to the maximum. It also adds the market competition and much more affordable to the highest way. Use of this modern metal is mainly limited to luxury cars and racing cars as they are quite expensive resources. In fact, the titanium industry also has increased to meet the tough financial as well as life cycle target set in the automotive industry. More improvements have been incorporated into engines, bodywork, and suspension with the help of the titanium and it is a much more efficient option for a complete feel of safety with the higher performance.

      Engine Connecting Rod:

      Titanium is the ideal for connecting rod and this engine is specially made with the Titanium alloy connecting rod which would efficiently reduce the engine quality, reduce emission and improve fuel efficiency. When compared to that of steel connecting rods, these Titanium Rods could mainly reduce the quality of 20%. In fact, the application of Titanium alloy is demonstrated in the Italian Ferrari sedan 3.5LV8 as well as the Acura NSX engine. Important materials that are used in the titanium alloy connecting rod are Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-4Al-4Mo-Sn-0.5Si, Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al, and Ti-3Al-2V.

      Titanium Springs:

      Titanium mainly possesses strength, modulus, and density in the Engineering Alloys for making it the convenient spring in all applications. It is also a key factor for successful designing with saving more space and reduced weight. The Titanium springs would be much smaller as it is completely 60-70% lighter than that of the steel equivalents. In fact, it is also a much more efficient design for the range of future models and also space constraints that are increased with the highest standard aspects. With the use of these Titanium suspension springs, it is much more useful for saving more weight which makes the vehicle more lightweight. typical helical spring design reduces the weight in upward up to 70% when compared to that of the steel version.

      Valve Springs:

      The Valve Springs mainly represent the attractive entry in the Titanium material and it is mainly suitable for modern vehicles. With potentially reducing overall height, it mainly offers more benefits in the space that is more constrained. It is also mainly combined with the titanium valves and valve retainers. In fact, this would mainly be suitable for preventing the ‘valve bounce’ when the vehicle is at the higher engine speed. In fact, this titanium is used without incurring the weight penalty that would increase spring load by permitting the rapid value motion with the higher rpm. Normally, lower spring loads have lighter valves which would reduce the friction in the value system that are typically 20-25% in total mechanical friction.

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