Comparison between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

by Dinesh

Posted on October 12, 2018 at 06:05 PM


Steel is the globally used alloy which helps in various industries. Every industry mess with this question whether to choose Carbon steel or stainless steel. But when it comes to the bottom line looking for this consideration is vital. That's why we've given some auspicious info about both Carbon steel and stainless steel.

About carbon steel:

Carbon steel is considered the basic steel which has iron and carbon along with some trace substances. Carbon tends for its strength and durability so then which bear even very high temperature. By the measurement of carbon content mixed with iron alone, this steel will get classified. For instance low or middle carbon steel consists of 0.3% of carbon whereas the high carbon steel has up to 2% of carbon.

The salient feature of carbon steels:

Usually hardness and strength these characteristics is the carbon steel's benefits. This hardness won't present in any other steel comparatively. Due to this solid reason carbon steel is considered for cutting down tools and machinery.

Details of Stainless steel:

Manufacturing of stainless steel is done by mixing of chromium with alloy. The amount of chromium present in this steel is of 10%.

Apart from this substance, some unpredictable elements are also presented in the stainless steel. Well, what property makes this steel to use is that which doesn't rust or corrode at any instance. Restricting the corrosion is the notable property of the stainless steel.


Comparatively, stainless steel also has hardness some do. Due to its hard properties, no way of any germs and bacteria will enter that's why it's highly preferred for hospital construction.

Also, it is recyclable so that it can be made as attractive steels with an attractive appearance.

What are actually the dissimilarities over carbon and stainless steel?

Though both of these steels are metal which has some major differences and we research it for your concern.

Resistance over corrosion:

Steel which has iron substance probably has a chance to rust so Carbon steel isn't the corrosion resistance. But stainless steel possessed with this property since which has the mixture of chromium or chromium oxide in it. So this steel won't get rust possibly. This is why or not most of the people prefer this steel for construction.

Nevertheless, carbon is also used majorly in the construction process as well.

Strength wise:

While you choose steel based on its strength then our choice is surely for carbon the presence of iron provide unbreakable hardness and which has a long-term lifespan. Also when the carbon content is presented in high range then it can be bear peak temperature and the chance for corrosion gets reduced besides.

However stainless steel has a lot more application because of its corrosion resistance. But we assist you to examine while selecting steel specifically carbon not consisting of any red oxidation since it will rust whereas stainless steel won't rust in this way. Therefore stainless steel is the better choice over carbon steel for the best bottom line.

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