An Importance of Socket Weld Flanges Re-Lining of Special Materials

by Dinesh

Posted on June 30, 2018 at 1:40 PM


The Socket weld is the important pipe attachment detail which plays important role in the joint construction. Obviously, it is a good choice to control the high leakage integrity as well as improves great structural strength these are important design considerations. Normally, flanges highly used in various fields that also including water, gas, petroleum, transport etc. most importantly, it is also employed in chemicals, chemical fertilizers as well as power generation. Socket Weld Flanges are also available in many shapes as well as types. However, they have a diversified material such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, high-alloy steel, low-alloy steel, non-ferrous steel based on the service environment as well as the type of fluid. Obviously, the flange is important to connect valves, pumps, pipes as well as other kinds of equipment to form a strong system of pipes. On the other hand, it provides access to modification, cleaning, inspection. It can be welded or screwed.

Socket Weld For High-Pressure Applications:

A Socket weld is considered as a pipe attachment and it is the good choice wherever you need to take the benefits of high leakage integrity apart from that it provides great structural strength. When it comes to choosing the right socket weld flanges you must pay close attention to the design considerations. Fatigue resistance is lower in butt-welded construction and it is still better than mechanical joining methods. Socket-Weld Flanges also comes with the female socket in which pipe is fitted as well as fillet welding is also done from outside on the pipe. Most importantly, socket welding flange is also similar to a slip-on flange but it has a bore as well as a counterbore dimension. On the other hand, the counterbore is also larger than the O.D. that also helps to insert the pipe into the flange which is similar to a slip-on flange.

Importance Of Socket Weld Flanges:

Normally joining two flanges with a seal can put their joints together. There are different types of flanges available that also utilized for different applications. Especially the diameter of the smaller bore is also similar to the I.D. Socket Weld Flanges highly important for high-pressure applications because these kinds of products come with the great quality that helps to control everything with ease. If you are looking for the one-stop destination for buying Socket Weld Flanges at better price rates you must consider Amardeep Steel Centre. Usually, the dimension of the flanges also differs. Socket-Weld Flanges has a number of standard dimensions that are perfect for smooth operations as well as plays important role in the repair and the maintenance work, particularly the dimension are in millimeters. This company offers Socket Weld Flanges in all steel material grades so you can easily choose the best option based on your needs and preferences. Experts also support you to get best solutions by providing proper advice and guidelines so you no need to worry about any factors. For more info, you must take the online reviews or approach the experts to get guidelines.

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