Uses of High-Quality Copper-Nickel Alloy for The Every Industries!

by Dinesh Sam

Posted on September 12, 2018 at 3:00 PM

high quality copper nickel

Working of Alloy:

The copper alloys can comprise with a 2 to 3 % nickel it has too high oxidation resistance and the stress corrosion cracking resistance. It has the high oxidation resistance has t be moist air and stream .these kinds of alloys are thermally stable and possess to be moderate the strength of these alloys when the temperature is high.

So the corrosion resistance and the strength of the alloys can be improved by the addition of magnets, iron, niobium, and chromium. So the copper-nickel also have good fabric ability and the high inherent resistance to the soluble nature of the nice in copper can provide the copper-nickel alloys wt a single phase slap structure.

Use of copper-nickel alloy:

  • Desalination units
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Fish cages for aquaculture
  • Heat exchangers and condensers
  • Sea water pipe work
  • Offshore fire water systems
  • Tubes for power plants and ships
  • Pumps, valves, sheathing, and fittings for ship hulls

Chemical and physical properties of an alloy:

The chemical composition of the UNS C71500 copper-nickel alloys has to be outlined by 70 to 30. And the melting points of the nickel may be 1171degree Celsius.

Annealing a cold working:

The UNS C71500 copper-nickel alloys can be annealed at a temperature between the 649 and 816-degree Celsius. The cope nickels have a good cold working capacity.

Hot working and welding:

The copper-nickel alloys have to be formatted in an excellent manner. And it can be welded by using the gas shielded, spot welding, coated metal, arc welding, butt welding, seam welding, and welding, brazing processes.

Forging and machinability:

The temperatures between the 927 and the 1038 degree per Celsius which is suitable for the 70/30 copper nickels. So the machinability rating of the copper alloys is 20 %.

Application of alloy:

The UNS C71500 copper-nickel alloy can be used in the areas for the stainless steel cannot be used due to the chloride stress corrosion can in the other parts which require the high corrosion resistance.

The kinds of alloys can be used by the machined a forged valve and the pp can start to be utilized for the seawater services. So the copper-nickel alloys have been entirely resistant to stress the corrosion. So it has the addition o small amounts of the in and the manganese ideal for our use.

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