Difference between corten steel and its alternatives!

by Dinesh

Posted on February 02, 2018 at 12:45 PM

corten steel

Corten steel is one of the popular types of steel and it can be used specifically in extreme weather conditions because of its great weather as well as corrosion resistance. Currently, Corten steel is highly popular across the world and it can be utilized by many industries. First of all, corten steel is considerably harder because these steel can be sources from standard Euronorm designated materials. Here you can easily understand the comparison of Corten steel and its alternatives. With the help of this, you can easily find the suitable material option for your application. Corten steel is also considered as the weather resistant steel otherwise called Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel. It has a high level of copper and chromium elements that provide great atmospheric resistance.

Corten steel has a recognizable orange colour and this colour is caused by the chemical composition when exposed to extreme environments. In general, there are two popular grades of Corten steel that includes Corten B and Corten A. First of all, Corten A has added phosphorous so it is highly suitable for aesthetic facias as well as plays important role in the gas flue applications. Alternatively, Corten B is perfect for heavy & load-bearing structures.

Extensive Benefits Of Corten Steel:

Corten steel has great atmospheric corrosion resistance than its alternatives even it has great structural as well as architectural applications. Most importantly, it would include structures like open-frame buildings, bridges, sculptures, transmission poles etc. Apart from that, Corten steel has high temp this will make it good choice of material for chimneys, high temperature ducting, flues etc. overall, Corten steel’s corrosion resistance properties provides complete advantage than any other options.

Construction Speed:

Corten steel is perfect for construction process because the elimination of paint both on site will streamline the construction process. Apart from its quality, it has an attractive appearance and also has unique characteristics that completely differentiate corten steels from its alternatives. Apart from that, corten steel frequently blends pleasingly along with environment as well as its appearance also changes. Corten steel completely eliminates the need for blast cleaning and VOC laden paints

High-Temperature Benefits:

Normally, steel can suffer oxidation at high temperatures range, i.e. 400°C but it can be decreased by using corten steels. Corten steels are superior choice at temps above 400°C because it forms a protective patina. Overall, Corten steels are perfect than any other alternatives.

Startup Cost Benefits:

Corten steel’s cost approximately five to six percent lower than any other conventional painted steel alternatives in bridges with HA Type 2 paint system.

Low Maintenance:

Corten steel is always ideal for different structures and bridges. Especially it is the recommended choices where access is difficult or really dangerous, at the same time it is the suitable choice where future disruption needs to be reduced or minimized. This steel only needs less maintenance that ensures the structure continues to perform well at all time. Corten steel structures are also reduce the cost of maintenance operations as well as reduces the costs of traffic delays.

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