Tee Cold Forming Machine and its Main Features

by Muskan Ahuja

Posted on August 6, 2021 at 02:20 PM

Tee Cold Forming Machine and its Main Features


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The Tee Forming Machine uses the hydraulic cold extrusion process to make all types of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel tees. The Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine is currently the most widely used in the elbow manufacturing sector. Because stainless steel tee is difficult to heat, it can only be formed with a stainless steel cold forming tee machine. High synchronization performance, easy operation, and other features distinguish the Tee Making Machine Cold Extrusion.

Pipe Fitting machines are manufactured by our organization. We've spent the last ten years focusing on machine fitting. Long bend machine, cold forming tee machine, pipe expanding machine, marking machine, median frequency heating machine, reducer machine, cap machine, shot blasting machine, cutting machine, bevelling machine, hydraulic press, CNC lathe machine, drill machine.

Many countries have purchased our devices, including Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Indonesia, and Jordan. In Mumbai, India, we have an international office. Every year, our marketing representative and technician travel to another country for 7-8 months to provide after-sales care. The machine comes with a one-year warranty. If a problem arises with a client's computer, our after-sales service representative will respond promptly to assist you in resolving the issue.

The Following are the Main Characteristics:

  • Stress-relieving integrated welding frame after heat treatment
  • By using a touch screen, the cold forming parameters (forming speed, pressure, and cycle duration) may be configured in the PLC system based on the raw pipe size.
  • Advanced hydraulic system design using a logic circuit with a servo motor and proportional valve. It can automatically change oil flow and internal fluid forming pressure.
  • Use a micro pulse displacement transducer to ensure the highest synchronization precision and the smallest tolerance.
  • Servo motor is utilized to reduce electric consumption and noise levels.
  • There are three different modes of operation: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.
  • For small sizes, the machine can create two pieces of T fittings in one forming cycle time.
  • CE Certified and ISO Approved
  • It's used in the sanitation business, oil and gas pipeline construction, and nuclear or power plant construction.
  • The machine capacity (size and thickness of T fittings) can be modified based on the client's specific needs.
  • The Tee Forming Machine Advantage:

    1. PLC control provides high efficiency and ease of operation.

    2. Equipped with a digital display workbench that allows for real-time display of operation technical data and defects.

    3. The tee shaping machine's hydraulic system uses a cartridge valve with good sealing performance.


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