Plate heat exchangers use in food & dairy industries!

by Dinesh

Posted on September 29, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Heat exchanger

At Amardeep steel Centre The plate heat exchangers are specially designed devices that service various purposes. Apart from that, they are also use in different industries and applications. Within the beverage and food industries, the heat exchangers play a significant role in the dairy production. They are also used in cream and milk pasteurization, UHT (ultra-high temperature sterilization) and milk reception. The pasteurization is a process which involves heating some food dishes to a particular temperature level of special time duration. The main objective of using these heat exchangers is for killing the microorganisms which can spoil food, foster disease and lead to the undesired fermentation. These kinds of heat exchangers not only play an essential role in cream and milk pasteurization, but also aid in purifying some other products. The heat exchangers have also used some other areas of this beverage and food industry. Here, the main function of exchanger is brewing. They are also utilized for proper cooling and boiling. Good and beverage industry use heat exchangers in the production process of soft drinks.

Benefits of heat exchangers

The best exchangers serve many purposes of sugar dissolving, water heating, syrup pasteurization, and energy drink pasteurization. There are different types of plate heat exchangers available now, but few of them are used in the dairy sector. This industry tries these kinds of exchangers for achieving longer milk stability. In addition, they are now used for an entire series of heat-exchange, heating and cooling procedure in this dairy economy. The specialized plate heat exchangers perform several tasks, including cooling, short-term heating, and heating of milk. It is also used for short-term heating, heating, and cooling of desserts, ice-cream mixes, cream and yogurt. The heat exchangers also utilize for cooling of brine, curb and super-heating process of cream. The heat exchangers are employed in the dairy and food industry continuously for pasteurizing the milk without using maximum energy.

Applications of heat exchangers

These kinds of plate heat exchangers play an essential role in the ventilation process as well. They take the advantage of completely free chilly or cooling bypass. Consequently, it means that the water content from the cooling towards has the ability to bypass chillers and directly flow into plate heat exchanger. Thus, it saves time. It is highly beneficial in certain applications that need cooling continuously regardless of climate condition. The most effective and superior plate heat exchangers have lots of specialized features and excellent functionality to meet the needs of dairy and food industry. For delivering excellent performance and outstanding results, it comes with an extensive array of heating plates. These are attractive features of heat exchangers that make it an ideal choice for varied applications. In the dairy industry, they are used for heating, cooling or pasteurization of various dairy products. The heat exchangers not only bring certain benefits but also used in the beverage or fruit juice industry. They are actually used for safely preserving the fruit concentrations, tea, sugar solutions, soft drinks and juices without and with carbonic acid.

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