How spending on lean six sigma training can yield 10x results.

by Sohini Ghosh

Posted on June 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM

As Ernst & Young said, “Quality cannot be copied; there is no step-by-step cookbook that applies equally to all company situations and cultures.”

Why should a company undertake Lean Six Sigma methodologies? A lot of companies have raised these questions before. Before we rush to understand as to how Six Sigma would help your company, we need to know what Six Sigma really is.

First introduced in 1986 by Bill Smith and Mikel Harry in 1986 while they worked at Motorola and subsequently launched by Jack Welch in General Electric in 1995. General Electric – Most appreciated organization three years running, and reliably expanding development and benefit – cost saving surpassing $2 billion. It is referred to a set of techniques that will help in improving your company’s functioning. They help distinguishing and evacuating the reasons for imperfections and limiting fluctuation in assembling and business form. The six sigma projects that are carried out in every organisation follow defined steps to attain certain targets.

Amardeep steel Centre give you the perfect six ways in which Six Sigma will help you yield 10x results in your company:

  • Eliminating Errors and Quality Improvement: They identify the problems and fix them to make the process better and faster in low cost. In 1998, General Electric attributed their $350 million in savings to the Six Sigma process, while Motorola attributed their highest savings of $17 billion in 2005 to Six Sigma. GE’s savings rose to over $1 billion later on in the decade.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Those individuals with a Six Stigma certification have the ability to identify the errors that previously brought poor customer satisfaction and losses to their business. Their proven methodologies help in achieving faster than expected in the processing of product. For example, in an IT sector, those certified professionals will help in reducing invoicing errors, cost overruns, customer complains, schedule delays etc.

  • Improvement in Customer Relations:Six Sigma will help in enhancing the procedures and better quality control. This in turn yields about superior results. Thus, this will prompt more satisfied customers to stay loyal to your company for your services.

  • Employee Satisfaction: One of the side advantages of Six Sigma is the means by which it can rally representatives to a common cause. Unlike quite a few where management sometimes flounder, Six Sigma will help in clarifying and streamlining the message. And therefore an improved result help in building a sense of fellowship, that leads achieving further better results.

  • Creating better partnerships: At whatever point an organization does well, different organizations related with it can see upgrades, also. This can prompt long haul organizations and in addition having different organizations receive comparative Six Sigma methodologies for their organizations.

  • Benefits from Standardisation: As beforehand specified, the point of Six Sigma is to have an imperfection rate of under 3.4 for every million, and your providers impact whether this objective is met. One of the conceivable approaches to decrease the danger of imperfection is to utilize Six Sigma to drive down the quantity of providers your organizations has, as this thusly lessens the danger of deformities.

This very Six Sigma methodology combines elements of statistical quality control, breakthrough thinking, and management science - all valuable, powerful disciplines. These time tested tools of quality and process improvement will help your company in renewing high profile attention and achieving excellent results.

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